TB12 method: Is Tom Brady’s diet key of his success?

tb12 method, Tom Brady diet

I started to watch NFL in 2003 with the Superbowl. There was a young quarterback in the Patriots who led his team to success and win the ring. That was my first American football match. Patriots become my favorite team, and Tom Brady is my hero. I spent watching his carrier in the last 20 years, and he is still going… How? Maybe the TB12 method is the key.

From a young guy he become the oldest guy in the NFL, TB12 had success with New England Patriots, and when he changed franchises and moved to Tampa Bay Buccaneers he had success again. Tom Brady has 7 rings, more than anybody. He still does not slow down, most the quarterbacks retired at age 38-40, but he is 45 and he is still elite.

Tom Brady chose a long carrier, so he was so determined, he hired Allan Campbell private chef, and Alex Guerrero fitness guru and they create the TB12 method which is now a brand, it’s not just a diet way more than that, but because our readers mostly not professional athletes, we focus on the diet part.

tb12 method, Tom Brady diet
TB12 Method

What’s the diet? The rules are very strict, the plan is nutrient-dense and it’s minimized or eliminates foods which he believes can couse inflammation. Tom Brady’s diet boosts his energy, prevents bone injuries, enhances his performance on the pitch, and minimize recovery.

The diet is a high protein, and plant-based, it excludes gluten, dairy, corn, soy, coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, GMOs, MSG, and more.

It’s very hard to follow this diet in the long term, and it’s not designed to loose weight, it’s a performance optimizer. TB12 build on an 80/20 ratio, 80% plant, vegetables (no nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, potato, or eggplants), and 20% meat which is mostly fishes. He can eat protein powders, protein bars, nuts, seeds, dehydrated fruits, hummus, and guacamole.

Like a standard American diet, the TB12 diet has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are allowed, too.

His usual day starts with electrolyte-infused water, and then breakfast is a smoothie with nuts and seeds. After his morning workout, he drinks a protein shake with almond milk. Dinner and lunch are plant-based with locally grown vegetables, and herbs with some protein sources like fish. Of course, that contains a lot of preparation, but with a private chef saves a lot of time for him.

What to eat in the TB12 Method?

  • Most vegetables (spinach, kale, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, fresh herbs, and no nightshades)
  • Some fruits (banana, orange, grapefruit)
  • Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet
  • Beans (they are really good protein sources)
  • Lean proteins (salmon, chicken, trimmed pork loin)
  • TB12 protein powders and protein bars

What not to eat?

  • Diary
  • Gluten
  • GMOs and MSG
  • Corn and soy
  • Overly processed foods
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Nightshade vegetables and fungi
  • Coffee and alcohol
  • Trans fats and saturated fat

Pros and Cons


It’s mostly whole foods, very allergen friendly, suitable for athletes, and you can lose weight as well.


It’s very hard and expensive to follow on the long term, lack of scientific evidence.